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Your cleft team or local hospital may have their own feeding guidelines so do ask them for advice. The Cleft Lip and Palate Association recommends that normal feeding methods should be encouraged.

Breast feeding is possible for a baby with a cleft lip and where the cleft in the palate is small or narrow. Some babies may need breast milk expressed into bottles to supplement feeding on the breast.

We would stress that there is no miracle teat or bottle that suits all babies. The aim is to have a relaxed mother and a contented baby. The midwife, health visitor, cleft team advisor and mother should all work together to find the best solution for each baby.

Postal Orders:

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MAM Vented Teat All Ages

A soft orthodontic shaped teat vented to assist the elimination of air. Suitable for any age. Fits standard-necked bottles. Supplied in a pack of two.

Price: £2.50

Code: T-26

Order Quantity:

MAM Vented Teat Newborn

A soft orthodontic teat vented to assist the elimination of air. Suitable for small or premature babies. Fits standard-necked botteles. Supplied in a pack of two.

Price: £2.50

Code: T-25

Order Quantity:

MAM Non-vented Teat All Ages

A soft orthodontic shaped teat. An alternative to the All Ages vented teat. Fits standard-necked bottles. Supplied in a pack of two.

Price: £2.50

Code: T-27

Order Quantity:

NUK Cleft Palate Teat

A large, flat-headed teat. Not suitable for very small babies, but sometimes useful if a baby does not feed well using other teats. This teat comes without a hole. Fits standard-necked bottles.

Price: £3.50

Code: T-28

Order Quantity:

Softplas Scoop

The Softplas Scoop fits into the MAM bottle in the same way as a teat.

Price: £1.75

Code: T-31

Order Quantity:

MAM 270ml (approx.9oz) Soft Bottle with Collar, Disc & Teat Cover

A standard sized soft bottle. Markings are in 30mls(approx. 1oz).
This bottle can be steam sterilised. Colour may vary.

Price: £3.25

Code: B-35

Order Quantity:

Haberman Feeder

A specialised bottle system designed to help babies with sucking difficulties. If you require more than one bottle please contact Athrodax Healthcare International Ltd
Telephone: 01594 544440

Price: £21.00

Code: B-36

Order Quantity:

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Postage is free for families in the UK.

NHS Trusts, health professionals and overseas orders:

Orders up to £20  :  £5.00 p&p
Orders of £20 - £50  :  £10.00 p&p
Orders of £50 - £100  :  £15.00 p&p
Orders over £100  :  £25.00 p&p

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